Frequently Asked Questions

How does Something Borrowed Antiques work?

Check out our rental inventory and create a wishlist of items you would like to reserve for your event. Submit your wishlist to us. We will provide you with a proposal with rental availability and pricing. The items will be reserved for 10 days after your recieve your proposal. The reservation will then expire without a 25% deposit.

What is your delivery area and how much does delivery cost?

We deliver within 15 miles of our home base in Marshfield, MA. Delivery costs 10-15% of the rental order and includes basic setup. There is a $100 minimum order for delivery with a mimimum delivery fee of $25. Requests beyond 15 miles will be granted on a case-by-case basis with a minimum rental order of $500 (not including shipping). Mileage will be accounted for in deliveries beyond the 15 mile radius.

Can I pick up my own rentals?

Yes! Small items are available to be picked up by customers. Larger items require delivery due to their delicate nature and risk of damage during transportation.

How does payment work?

A signed contract and non-refundable 25% deposit are due within 10 days of recieving the proposal. The balance is then due 7 days prior to the event. We accept all major credit cards, cash, checks and PayPal.

Why is my deposit non-refundable?

Our inventory consists of one-of-a-kind pieces reserved for your special date. Therefore, your reservation makes each of the pieces unavailable to anyone else on that date.

Where are you located?

We are located in Marshfield Hills, Massachusetts.

What happens if a rental is damaged?

Accidents happen. There is a damage waiver factored into each rental price to cover minor damage. If a rental item is intentionally damaged/neglected and requires professional repair or replacement, you will recieve an invoice for the repair/replacement cost.

What if it rains at my event?

We hope for sunny skies on your special day! In the event that there is rain, we require our customers to have an inclement weather plan in place to ensure our rentals stay safe and dry.

How soon after I submit my wishlist will I recieve a qoute?

After recieving your wishlist, we will respond with a qoute within 48 (business day) hours. If you submit a wishlist on a Friday, you can expect a qoute by the end of the business day Monday. Have a quick question before submitting your wishlist? Shoot us an email or text message. 617.688.4349

Is there a minimum order requirement?

Yes! There is a $25 minimum for small items picked up at our warehouse. For delivery (within our set 15 mile delivery area) there is a $100 minimum. For deliveries outside our area (qualification made on a case-by-case basis) there is a $500 minimum (not including shipping). *A processing fee will be added to any order less than the minimum to reach the required minimum amount. *Delivery charges are not included in the calculation of the minimum order value.

Are your items available for photo shoots, house staging or other events?

Yes! We would love to have our pieces be part of your professional styled shoot. Full day rentals (5+ hours) are the same as prices listed on the website. Only need a 1/2 day rental? A discount may apply- please contact us for further details. Vehicle rentals are the same as price listed on the website for full day rentals (5+ hours) . 1/2 day rentals (4 hours or less) of vehicles will be discounted 50% if your shoot is within our 15 mile radius. Shoots outside our 15 mile radius will be granted on an individual basis and will require the FULL DAY cost as trailering of the vehicle will be required. Setting up your own photo shoot? You are welcome to rent our pieces for that as well! Send us a message or submit your item requests in a wishlist and we will get back to you shortly! Looking to use some of our pieces to stage your home? We can arrange that! Send us a message with your requests!

Do you provide set-up or decor design?

Yes! We will take care of setting up large free-standing pieces such as shutters, mantels, table tops and pillars. We will request information on what type of surface the pieces will be displayed on in order to ensure the correct tools/equipment are on hand at delivery. The fee for basic setup of items is included in the delivery fee. If you would like assistance with decor design, we would be happy to help! Please specify your request for decor design in your rental request as additional fees may apply.

Are your vintage items true antiques?

Yes! We pride ourselves on carrying only authentic antiques. No two items are exactly alike and all have a long history of love! * Normal age and wear are expected due to item authenticity. If you'd like to see a specific item/items in person prior to your event, please book an appointment at our family-run barn warehouse.

Still have questions?  Contact us!

Submit your question on our CONTACT US page or by phone or email. 617.688.4349

What if I need to cancel or postpone my event due to the COVID-19 quarantine?

Should you need to cancel or postpone your event due specifically to the COVID-19 quarantine, we require a 14 day notice prior to your event. Provided the 14 day notice is given, we will refund any deposit for a canceled event or we will work with you to postpone your event. For cancelations and postponements that occur due to something other than the COVID-19 quarantine, regular terms and conditions apply as arranged in the specific client contract.