Our Founder and Owner, Casey, grew up the daughter of an avid antique collector.  She has fond memories of being dropped off at school in cars from the 1940s, playing in a barn full of antique farm equipment, and dreaming of walking down the aisle to the backyard gazebo.


Her visions were brought to life in September 2015 when she wed her husband Steve. Planning her wedding was a transformative experience for Casey as she delighted in combining her love of vintage pieces and antiques with her keen eye for design and creativity. The best part was that she was able to use antique pieces her father collected over the years to make her wedding day extra special!


There were vintage lanterns hung from suspended ladders, seating charts strung along beautiful wooden shutters and antique glass bottles running the length of the farm tables. She created a blend of vintage and contemporary style to have the wedding of her dreams.


After this amazing experience, Casey decided to extend her vision to others and created Something Borrowed Antiques Vintage Rentals.


Our mission is to wow your guests with one-of-a-kind pieces that truly reflect your own creative style. Every couple wants to design a memorable and unique wedding that will be talked about for years to come.  Our extensive array of vintage items is guaranteed to amaze your guests. 


Whether you have specific decorative pieces in mind or you just have a Pinterest board full of ideas and no clue where to start - we can help! 


We are continuously adding to our inventory and are sure to have the right pieces to bring your visions to life.